Red Ties Poem

Beautiful red silk tie
Brooke’s red ties are divine and exquisite.
And when you purchase one, you’ll certainly believe it.
We’ve searched the world around—high and low
For materials that, when stitched, we’re proud to show.
You can bet these red ties are definitely quite spiffy.
And we'll always ship them to you in a jiffy.
Now, please remember that our founder’s brother & father are big guys,
So you might want to give the extra-long tie a try.
Your red tie is handmade right here in the USA—
Less than two batches get assembled each day!
Our red ties are simply the best.
Yes, they’re better than all the rest.
And please take time to order the correct size
So you can be sure to catch everyone’s eyes!
Brooke Marie and Company
Buy the Perfect Red Tie From Charm City Collections.