About Us


Aloha, fans!

Charm City Collections is a story of multiple coasts. That is, a brand that was named for owner Brooke Bloomquist’s dad’s home town of Baltimore, Maryland… and a dream that was born in Brooklyn, New York, and finally tied together in Maui, Hawaii. A perfect, all-American story, really.

For three years while living in Brooklyn, Brooke envisioned a company that featured only Limited Editions… whether it’s 50 or 100 or 500. Nothing ever gets old or tired because every new selection is only available until it’s sold out. Then that’s it… on to the next greatest star!

It all started with the quintessential Christmas tie… and (planned) other special edition ties for the gent in your life. Brooke discovered a small factory in Brooklyn to cut, sew, and assemble our original, handmade in the USA men’s ties. And who knows what tomorrow will bring… accents, collectibles, or centerpieces… luxury is not only reserved for the rich!

We invite you to join us for this adventure!



“All things are possible if you believe in yourself and have a dream and a goal!”
~Brooke Bloomquist


Charm City Collections is brought to you by Brooke Marie and Company.